Safety - Max Foote Construction
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Max Foote Construction Company, LLC continually strives for an exceptional safety record on the jobsite and in the corporate workplace. MFCC is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees of the company and our subcontractors, as well as the organizations and municipalities we work with. To this end, MFCC has implemented a company wide safety program which includes a full-time Safety Coordinator.


For the safety program to be effective, supervisors and employees, ranging from the president of the company to the laborer in the field, must implement their respective functions diligently and take their responsibilities seriously. MFCC expects each member in the chain of command to assume his responsibility with a “teamwork” attitude, and treat workplace safety as a normal, natural part of doing his or her everyday job.


It is management’s responsibility to monitor implementation and enforcement of the program. Periodic meetings of company officers, managers, and supervisors are held to evaluate the effectiveness the program, improve policy and operational procedures, and ensure compliance. Periodic inspection reports from the Safety Coordinator are evaluated to determine if existing procedures are meeting our high standard of safety excellence. If problems arise, steps are taken to improve these problem areas by revising existing practices and initiating new procedures.


Safety on the construction site is of the highest importance to MFCC. A safe workplace prevents worker injury and illness, increases productivity on the jobsite, and promotes a healthy work environment which creates that team attitude MFCC is proud exhibit.